The Scisports DNA

Just like football clubs, SciSports is always looking for the right talent!

What we do

SciSports uses data intelligence to understand football, with the goal of helping football clubs to improve their game on the pitch and enrich the fan experience of billions of fans around the globe. SciSports is revolutionising the football industry with sports data analytics and AI-powered software products.

Why you should work with us

At SciSports, we don’t care about your background. We care about the fire in your eyes, the passion in your heart and the will to unlock your full potential. If you want to be the best and have the dedication to become the best, SciSports can be the right company for you. We are an IND recognised sponsor. SciSports grows fast and only the best can keep up with that speed. 

We’ve developed and trained models that rank and classify players in different countries and leagues, including many leagues that receive little exposure elsewhere. With our SciSports application, clubs, agencies, players, media and other professionals consume our services. Our clients can gain new insights and find hidden gems with a few mouse clicks. We always strive to attract the brightest (tech) talents in the world in order to create technological excellence in the fields of computer vision, deep learning and predictive analytics. Currently we have offices in Enschede and Amersfoort, both in the Netherlands.

Most Innovative Football Company

(The HYPE Foundation)

One of the next European Unicorns 

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